Pierre Peyrolle


Pierre Peyrolle is an unusual contemporary painter. His singular artistic process is based on a revival of myths through accurate representations set in a universe where symbols and metaphysics, Freud as well as Nietzche lead the way.

A lover of baroque music, his works as a painter are those of masters of the seventeenth century combined with the melancholy of a romantic author.

His playful painting is violent as well as dramatic, even surrealist in the atmosphere. It could be said to confine to photography thus to hyperrealism and to expressionism by the way it unsettles the viewer.



Similar to the “Vanities” of the great Flemish Masters where, beside profane splendours, brocades, silks and jewels, a skull or a funeral charade always appeared, Peyrolle’s paintings move away irremediably as we believe that we are deciphering them. The pleasure that they offer us is constantly thwarted by the presence of death in filigree. In this sense, this meticulous figuration which is Pierre Peyrolle’s trademark is much more “abstract” than painting of the same name, much more “conceptual” than the empty art of the Masters of the “Nothing”.

However, Pierre Peyrolle knows well that he will not resuscitate “Great Painting”. His extreme virtuosity, his artistic precision, his eagerness, his perseverance in creating a clinical representation of our civilization, will not return life to Art. It thus remains for Peyrolle to raise in the distance a haughty and inaccessible mausoleum akin to the “lsland of the Dead” of Arnold Böcklin. Pierre Peyrolle has already painted three gigantic pictorial comments on the ”Island”.

These signals that he sends us from a sinking wreck, Pierre Peyrolle hardly counts that we will perceive them, us, his contemporaries. The museum curators, the art critics, even the collectors find cumbersome this painting of history, or rather this painting of the end of history.

Peyrolle’s precision, his coherence, his laconism, contrast too much with what hangs in galleries today: the blur, the chatter, the undecided. So, Pierre Peyrolle continues to paint as one commits suicide; or rather as one sacrifices oneself, to raise above the flood of mediocrity an awaiting pedestal.

  • 2020Musée de Cortone
  • 2020Florence
  • Galerie Desmet
  • 2019Bruxelles
  • Galerie Benucci
  • 2019Rome
  • Galerie Steinitz
  • 2019Rue Royale Paris
  • Fineart
  • 2018Carrousel du Louvre - Paris
  • Tomasso Brothers
  • 2018Londres
  • Musée archéologique
  • 2018Naples
  • Museo d'arezzo
  • 2017Italie
  • Galerie Gismondi
  • 2012Rue Royale Paris

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